Carolina Hurricanes Ticket Giveaway

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I have a little problem. I love my community. Well, maybe it’s not exactly a problem, but it can be if you over schedule your calendar with community events. The first regular season Carolina Hurricanes game is the exact same day and time as the Designed for Joy annual Gala. I’m sponsoring this wonderful event for Designed for Joy that celebrates women coming out of vulnerable situations like homelessness, jail-time or sex trafficking, and gives them confidence, teaches them artisan skills, and pays them a living wage.

There will be other Hurricanes games, but I don’t want these amazing lower level seat tickets to go to waste. So, I am allowing you the opportunity to win them! It’s super easy, just enter through your Facebook page or email address by sharing the giveaway with your friends and/or signing up for my awesome What’s Rockin’ in Raleigh newsletter.

Congrats to Ashli for randomly being selected as the winner!


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