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a personalized training program to run a 10k in 12 weeks. Nutrition, sleep, training and running app.

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10K Run Ready

I've always coined myself as a 5k girl, but something changed on the trail the other day. It must have been a mix of endorphins and the excitement of pushing myself to the next level. I have been more consistent with my running each week, and have [...]

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No Excuse Mom, Fit Mom,

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No Excuse Mom

You might remember seeing the picture of Maria Kang , the self-titled "No Excuse Mom" in a sports bra and tight shorts holding a baby while two toddlers clung to her legs trending on your newsfeed  a few years ago. It wasn't the picture so [...]

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classpass in Raleigh


No More Workout Ruts…Hello ClassPass

Fitness. It's always on my New Year's resolution list each year, but the challenge now is how to make it exciting. I usually vow to run at least two 5k's, and maybe this year push myself to run a 10k. Yet, it's the still the same old thing- gym [...]

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body and soul

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Start With A Plan- Body & Soul

I recently received Bethany Hamilton's new book, Body & Soul from Family Christian for a book review.  It's targeted to young girls interested in living a fit and healthy life. It incorporates being spiritual fit with physical fitness. It's [...]

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O2 Fitness


Get Your Fit On at O2 Fitness

I was recently invited to visit the O2 Fitness Club in Cary. They have several locations throughout the Triangle and two in Wilmington. I've always heard nice things about the club from a few of my friends that are members, but an actual visit [...]

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