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Staying at a Bed & Breakfast is better for so many reasons. Read more.

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Bed & Breakfasts Are Better

No Adulting Here. Cleaning, cooking, working, and playing with the kids (adulting in general) takes it toll. I guess I didn't realize how much I needed this weekend away until I opened the door to our room at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in [...]

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Keeping Kids Warm through jackets, coats and sweatshirt donations at your local NC/SC PDQ store. All donations will support The Salvation Army

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Keeping Kids Warm at PDQ

My 4-year-old Liam had a good time trying on the over sized coat at PDQ. We promised him a milkshake and chicken if he was a good sport and modeled the coat for PDQ's partnership with The Salvation Army. While my son may not understand the impact of [...]

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