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the 60 minute lunch break combines healthy meal plans with detailed exercises.

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60-Minute Lunch Break

Spring is here. The flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, and it's time to clean out my closet. Unfortunately, I found some clothes that were a bit snug on me. I guessed I gained a few pounds over the winter months. The good news is that [...]

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Staying at a Bed & Breakfast is better for so many reasons. Read more.

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Bed & Breakfasts Are Better

No Adulting Here. Cleaning, cooking, working, and playing with the kids (adulting in general) takes it toll. I guess I didn't realize how much I needed this weekend away until I opened the door to our room at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in [...]

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LuLaRoe pop-up boutique. Leggings, dresses and shirts. Fashion.

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Who is LuLaRoe?

I kept hearing about this LuLaRoe? (pronounced- Loo la roo) It was trending on my Facebook timeline, and friends were posting pictures of these cute leggings and dresses. I usually don't buy leggings unless they are dri-fit, but my mommy jeans [...]

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