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deep clean challenge

I’ve taken on a new challenge… The cleaning challenge, and it’s been my hardest challenge to date. I mean I’ve done the burpee challenge, the mud run challenge and the plank challenge. All of those challenges pale in comparison to the cleaning challenge.

Yesterday, I had enough of my sporadic deep cleanings of my house. There always seems to be something that gets in the way– kids, school, sports, sickness, but like I said I was fed up. I was tired of my own excuses, and have decided that once every month I will devote an entire week to deep cleaning my house. I don’t particularly love cleaning, but I absolutely hate a mess.

deep cleaning challenge


I was dreading waking up this morning because I knew that the first day of deep cleaning would begin. I slowly walked down stairs to make the kids breakfast and help them get ready for school, only to find my 6-year-old laying on the couch. He had coughed a lot the night before, and with a pitiful voice he told me he didn’t feel well. I let him stay home from school. For a moment, I thought this would be a wonderful excuse to postpone my cleaning challenge, but I decided to push on through the sickness. I knew if I put this challenge on hold; it would never start.

I started with the living room today. I cleaned the baseboards, dusted furniture, decorations and blinds, vacuumed the couches, and vacuumed and mopped the floor. It took a little bit longer with several interruptions, but I finished. Finishing the living room has given me the strength to know that I can conquer the hallways and stairs tomorrow.

I’ve even got the kids helping me. I put them in charge of their bedrooms. I showed them how to clean the baseboards and dust their furniture. I told them if they complete their challenge, they will be rewarded. We made a list of fun rewards- strawberry picking, dinner at PDQ or Pokemon cards.

Need a cleaning challenge? Join me and let’s keep each other accountable.


10 comments on “Cleaning Challenge”

  1. Savvy says:

    I like this one. I should join you!
    Savvy recently posted…Does Your Husband Take Care of You?My Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      Savvy, it’s a work in progress. It’s been a tough week with sick kids, but I’m pushing through. The 1 room a day is a lifesaver.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ugh… I might have to do this. My house is filthy. Now that my three year old has decided he is done with naps, nothing (and I mean nothing) gets accomplished around the house during daylight hours.
    Sarah recently posted…The How & Why of a Grocery Price BookMy Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      I completely understand. My 3 year old doesn’t nap either. One room at a time that’s what gets me through.

  3. Tiffani says:

    Oh, wow! I like this challenge! I am not fond of cleaning & I don’t like to be stuck in the house doing it everyday, but I can definitely dedicate one week to gettin’ down & dirty. Gonna try this one! Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Rachel says:

      I don’t love cleaning either, but I hate a mess. One week a month keeps it under control.

  4. Tiffani says:

    Yay! Just saw you are a “Triangle”, too! 🙂 So glad to connect with you…found your post over at this week’s Small Victories Sunday Linkup. 🙂 Take care! 🙂
    Tiffani recently posted…A Jewelry & Stationery Lover’s Dream Giveaway! Hurry up & Enter!My Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      It’s great meeting other Triangle moms. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Echo says:

    Getting the family involved is a great idea! Thank you for co-hosting the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup with me!
    Echo recently posted…Ask Away Friday and A Moment for Me.My Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      Echo, I wish the kids weren’t so messy. I need a better incentive for helping out.

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