Family Time at Bond Park

Yesterday was one of those unusually nice days in February were it feels like spring, and you get the urge to take the family to the park. So we packed some snacks for us and bread for the ducks and headed over to Bond Park in Cary. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, and this time we didn’t visit the playground. We checked out the fishing boardwalk and watched the kids and parents digging out worms and placing them on their hook and casting their reels into the water. I’m not sure if the fish were biting, but the quality family time was apparent. There’s a sandy beach area that leads right up to the water which is perfect for feeding the ducks. My son and husband had a grand time feeding the ducks and they ate right out of their hands. While my 3-year-old was occupied, I enjoyed taking some priceless pictures and feeding my baby pureed bananas.

I did a little exploring too, and found a lady hula-hooping and using baton like wands. She had an assortment of hula-hoops– big, small and colorful. She let me try her biggest one. Apparently the larger the hula hoop, the easier it is. I’m not a very coordinated person, but I was actually able to keep the hula-hoop up. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again. It turns out the hula-hoop lady is Lois Magee of Cary, and she makes and sells the hula-hoops. She even sells an awesome LED light hula-hoop. She has a website and she’s on Facebook and Twitter too. When she’s going to be out in the community like when I saw her at Bond Park, she posts it and invites all her followers. I enjoy meeting such creative people. I can’t wait to meet up with her again and do some hula-hooping.


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