Finding the Glad Even When It’s Sad

Finding glad even when you're sad helps not feel so worn down by the despair of the world

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It’s been an emotional week at our house. My son found out that his best friend is moving away from our neighborhood. “He’s not moving far,” I tried to console him. “It won’t be the same,” he replied. I know it’s hard from him to understand. We’ve been living in the same house since he was born. He’s never had to experience the crazy moving around which I endured as a kid. I was in 5 different schools by the 3rd grade. Change is never easy, but I encouraged him to think of something good or glad in the situation.

You see, I’ve been trying to get my boys to look for the positive in life and not focus on the negative. A friend of mine suggested watching Pollyanna. I remembered watching the movie Pollyanna all the time as a kid. I loved how an outsider put a smile on everyone’s face by just looking for the good. I quickly went online and ordered the DVD from Amazon. God must have known we would need this video. It came at just the right time for my son’s unfortunate news along with the snow and ice that has kept us inside and out of school.


In the movie, Pollyanna plays a game called the Glad Game in which she looks for the good in every situation. She’s not a princess, but the daughter of missionaries who have passed away, and she must live with her strict spinster aunt.

It wasn’t too hard for my son to find the glad in his friend’s move. “I’m glad my friend will still go to my school.” Yet, I still find myself reaching for the glad in the turmoil we find as adults. In the middle of writing this piece, I was informed that a lady that I had been praying for passed away. She was a mother of 4 teenagers, and she will be missed by all who knew her.

I want to practice what I preach to my kids even though it’s difficult to find the glad in this situation. I pondered this for a little while, and realized that we have to make a choice in our lives. We have to decide if we are going to live in the Glad Town or the Sad Town? I can’t take the negative anymore, and I made my choice. I’m looking for the glad.

I was sad to hear that the lady that I was praying for died, but I am glad that she made many people smile. I can still grieve and be sad, but eventually I want to push through the sad and be glad.

How do you look for the positive in your life?


5 comments on “Finding the Glad Even When It’s Sad”

  1. Mindy says:

    It can be challenging to find the positive in many situations. I’m trying to do the same in 2017. I’m doing that on the outside by keeping my mouth shut. I haven’t figured out the rest yet! 🙂

    1. Rachel says:

      I totally understand. I constantly find myself repeating- “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” It can be a hard balance.thanks for visiting.

  2. Leigh Hines says:

    Such a nice, well-written post with a great message. I don’t remember that movie, but the message is great. We need to practice this in my house and it a reminder to be thankful. Others needs ate even greater.

    1. Rachel says:

      I agree. Beyond sadness, I hope to end the whining. Our kids have a lot to be thankful for.

  3. Liz says:

    Loss is always hard. It’s a good idea to remember the good things and to take some time to celebrate those memories and good times.

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