Giving Back

Stop Going and Start Giving Back to those in need. A New Year's resolution to pay it forward.

We do a lot of Going in our lives. Going to school, Going to work, Going to the gym and soccer practice and many other activities. The list of Goings is long and you can probably fill-in-the-blank of all the places you go. You probably have come to the conclusion that our lives are consumed with Going. That’s why this year, I’m taking a moment from the Goings and think about Giving. Giving back that is. It’s a privilege to be able to go, but it’s an intentional choice to give back. I’ve been trying hard to emphasize the importance of giving back and helping others to my boys, but the only way I’m going to succeed in this effort is by example.

Every month this year, I will have a blog post about a non-profit/charity/program that my family or I participated in to help others. I will also add a page to my blog (listed at the top) that will chronicle each month’s giving. I would love to hear your feedback or the ways you give back. You know the saying it takes a village, well I believe it take a blog community to reach, help and giving back to many more.

2016: The Year of Giving

January: Dorcas Thrift Shop and St. Judes Ranch for Children

February- Komen NC Triangle to the Coast

March- Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center

April – PDQ & Autism Speaks

May- Be A Volunteer