Grocery Shopping Re-Invented at Lowes Foods

Let’s be honest, grocery shopping is not high on the fun things to-do list. Add a few kids to the mix and it ranks near the bottom. It’s a need. We all need food, so we grudgingly push our cart up and down each aisle until the basket is full. What if I told you that grocery shopping could be fun, engaging and even purposeful. I know it’s a stretch of the imagination, but I have seen it with my own eyes.

Lowes Foods. Yes, you heard me right. The locally-owned and operated grocery store in North Carolina, listened to their customers, their needs, their wants, and even their whiny kids and re-invented grocery shopping. I had the privilege of experiencing and learning about all the Lowes Foods Originals that stores will be offering. Customers will be greeted on The Front Porch (customer service and cashier lines) with genuine Southern hospitality. The little details that went into creating the front porch atmosphere is amazing. Check-out lanes are named after local streets, for example; High House Rd and Crabtree Crossing. The floral department is inside an open-air greenhouse structure, and local products are displayed in the front.

My favorite feature is the Pick & Prep station within the produce department. Customers pick fresh fruits and vegetables, take it to the Pick & Prep counter, and select how they would like their fruits and veggies to be sliced, diced or chopped. It’s like having a personal sous chef, and you can continue shopping while your produce is being prepared. Think about all the time you will save when preparing your meal at home. I just get intimidated when a recipe calls for something to be diced. I’m so excited to try new meals that once looked too complicated. They also have a refrigerator section with already prepared Pick & Prep items. Last week, I purchased a container of already sliced strawberries. I took them with me when I visited my son at lunch. It was a fun snack with zero prep time.

My kids are going to love the Chicken Kitchen. Lowes Foods took their customer’s favorite deli item, the rotisserie chicken and made it the star of the show, literally. Rotisserie, fried or chicken salad; Lowes Foods has it in their kitchen, but you’ll also find a walking, dancing chicken shaking his tail feather to the chicken dance.

The 21-year-old and older set will enjoy the Beer Den. Taste and learn about the local craft beers on tap from the Den Master. Purchase a $4.99 Growler, a 64-ounce (one half gallon) glass jug filled with beer fresh-to-order. Return the jug during your next visit and only pay for the beer itself.

The Community Table brings all the Originals together.  Similar to your dining table at home, it’s a place of gathering, tasting foods, trying new recipes, and sipping wine and beer. Each table has a story. All of the tables are made from reclaimed wood from either a farm, factory or train station in the South. Just like the people at your table, you have a story to share, a joke to tell or a savings tip to pass along.

I had the opportunity to tour the Preston Corners Lowes Foods store which is still in the midst of construction. Their Re-Grand Opening date is set for September 17.  The Holly Springs store is complete and ready for your visit. While not all the stores are under-going renovations this year, you can still enjoy these wonderful features: Lowes Foods To Go, Digital Coupons, The Carolina Crate and Back 2 Schools.

Sometimes busy moms can’t make it inside the store, so Lowes Foods offers the Lowes Foods To Go Service. Register below and you can win a free month of this service ( a $16.95 value). It’s like having your own personal shopper.

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6 comments on “Grocery Shopping Re-Invented at Lowes Foods”

  1. Jessica says:

    competitive prices and good quality food

    1. Those are good qualities in a grocery store. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    2. Jen Haught says:

      Very cool, looks like great changes ahead!

    3. It&#39;s a good change. My kids now enjoy shopping with me. Thanks for stopping by, Jen.<br />

  2. sawlibrarian says:

    Thought I already left a comment but I don&#39;t see it. I had been wondering what all the construction was about at the Lowes in Apex. Love the new focus on fresh and local. The prepped food and chicken section could be a big help on busy sports nights with the kids. I look for quality, good prices, and healthy options in a grocery store.

    1. Thanks for stopping by SawLibrarian. The prepped food section is very helpful for busy moms.

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