Healthy Chocolate-Avenue Des Chocolats

Healthy Chocolate made with fresh ingredients - Avenue Des Chocolats
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If there was such a thing as healthy chocolate then Avenue des Chocolats would be it. Handcrafted and skillfully made by mom extraordinaire –Gabriela Miu Kropaczek. Gabriela was born in Romania and raised in Sweden all while learning the healthy qualities of European cooking and baking. Gabriela hasn’t always worked in chocolate; she has a PhD in Physics and worked in research and development. Her career took her to Paris which was practical for work, but also her dream to find love.

Gabriela talks chocolate and European bonbons that she handcrafts. Avenue Des Chocolats

Love found Gabriela when she met an American in Paris. They soon married and started their family (oldest, son-7 and youngest-daughter-5). When Gabriela’s daughter was an infant her family moved to Wilmington, NC. Gabriela found herself at home with two small children in a new country with a desire to create something new while working from home.

Her scientific background prompted her to research ideas and business prospects. Until she found the Ecole Chocolats, an online school that offers Professional Chocolatier Programs. Gabriela added Professional Chocolatier to her resume, and started her own European-style chocolate bonbon business.

Avenue Des Chocolats - handcrafted and skillfully made by a Raleigh mom. Creamy and delicious bonbon chocolate.

Gabriela recently relocated to Raleigh, and hand-crafts all her chocolate bonbons in her home kitchen which has been USDA certified. Gabriela’s chocolate’s are different and yes, you could say healthy with preservative-free, natural and fresh ingredients (no high fructose corn syrup). Each chocolate bonbon is also covered in 72% cacao dark chocolate which has been found to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Gabriela offers 30 different flavors of chocolate (ganache) inside each bonbon. Flavors vary by season and creative inspiration.

Avenue Des Chocolats are delicious and creamy. Gabriela brought me a small box to sample when we met at Crepe Traditions in North Hills to talk chocolate. I quickly ate two bonbons, and made the mistake of saving the others for later. I didn’t think my picky eater kids would like such a sophisticated silky chocolate bonbon, but they gobbled them up and didn’t save one for me.

Avenue Des Chocolats skillfully handcrafted chocolate bonbons that are good for you.

Since all my Avenue Des Chocolats are gone, I need to buy some more. Good thing, Gabriela makes it easy to order bonbons just by visiting her website and free delivery within Raleigh. You can also find Avenue Des Chocolats at Raleigh Provisions, NOFO at the Pig, Sola Pop-Up Market, and the coming soon Morgan Street Food Hall.

Avenue Des Chocolats come in simple yet elegant packaging that are great for gifts, company events or just a personal indulgence.

What flavor bonbon would you order?


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  1. Mary Leigh says:

    These look delicious! Now, I want to try so many of them!

    1. Rachel says:

      They are yummy! I need to order more too. 😋

    1. Rachel says:

      They taste delicious too!

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