It’s the little things

I’ve been doing quite a bit writing for my book, and thanks to Mary Kay Andrews I personally refer to it as the friggin book (TFB). Anyway, I got 8500 words, and I just started chapter 4. I love the running angle that permeates the romance, but I also threw-in a beachy, decorating theme in the mix. I can’t wait for you to read it.

On the fitness note, I’m super-charging my workout routine. The holidays are over, and I need to get back on track. Target has their bikinis on the floor, and I already picked out a few that will be super cute, but I need to trim and tone a little before the summer. So, I’m pulling out the big-guns and getting down to business. First, I signed up for $100K Transformation Challenge by A chance to win $50,000 plus get in shape, a win-win all the way. Second, I downloaded the Zombie Run app on my iPhone. It makes treadmill running fun, and thirdly new weight lifting gloves.

On the family front, I registered Aiden for kindergarten. On one hand, I’m thinking where did the time go? Then the other part of me is so excited for him to go to school and for me to have more time to write. I’ll probably be an emotional mess this July (we’re on a year-round schedule). Next week, I register my baby for preschool. Yes, I will definitely be emotional, excited; yet sad.

Staying on a budget was a resolution my husband and I made for the year. I’ve begun meal planning and maintaining a food budget including eating out. It’s like a challenging game for me, buying and preparing foods my family will like plus staying under budget. I’d rather have extras to spend on fun things like races and running shoes. So far shopping at Aldi has been great. I did a huge shop today for only $132. I was referred to emeals, but my free trial expired before I started using it. Oh well, I need to see what I can find on Pinterest.

So, how are you doing? Keeping your resolutions? I hope you’re pushing through the business of motherhood and finding time for you. I’d love to hear your resolutions and fitness goals.

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