My Biggest Challenge

Nearly 8 years ago, I started my Fit Triangle Mom journey. My youngest son was 1-years-old, and I was intent on losing the baby weight while training for the Susan G. Komen 5k. My oldest son was 4-years-old, so free time was few and far between. Losing weight and getting some me time was my goal.

Going to the gym was my saving grace. They offered childcare when I worked out plus I met some incredible ladies to challenge and chat with while lifting weights. The weight came off and my spirits were lifted. Healthy and happy was my mantra, but like anything fitness is a journey.

There were days when the kids got sick and my workout routine got off track, or the holidays when everyone is baking and eating cookies. Yet the journey continued–eating healthy and working out regularly.

Then 2020 came, and the gyms were closed– all of the gyms. Every store was sold out of free weights and fitness equipment. It was like an unhealthy horror movie, but it was part of the journey. I missed working out with friends and going to my gym, but I had to adapt to the changes. I needed fitness and friends in my life.

I downloaded some workout apps, but it wasn’t the same. I was finding it hard to stay motivated. Then while shopping at Target, I saw a canister of coconut protein powder. It looked yummy, and I knew it would mix well my smoothies. The protein powder brand was Tone It Up, and then I remembered the reality show of two ladies that were fitness instructors. I looked it up on my phone and discovered the Tone It Up fitness community with healthy food, recipes, exercises and friends.

They have an app that you can download or you can watch some of their workout videos for free on You Tube. The community part is great because when you post your workout pics on social media, you tag #tiuteam and people leave encouraging comments on your posts.

2020 is has been a hard year for me. I feel like I’ve lost my favorite things- being social, exercising at the gym, going to church, etc. I have learned to be resourceful, and find ways around the obstacles and challenges.

While 2020 has been my biggest challenge, I want to invite you to join a fun challenge- 30 minutes of exercise for at least 5-days this week. Tone it Up videos, a brisk walk, a bike ride, rollerskating or more. Post a picture about your workout on Instagram & tag #fittrianglemom . Let’s motivate each other to stay fit despite the challenges in our life.

Check back in next week, and let’s see how we did!


3 comments on “My Biggest Challenge”

  1. Wendy Lee says:

    You’re an inspiration. I just delivered about 3 months ago and I really need to lose some pounds and shape up. I’m going to take up your challenge starting tomorrow!

    1. Rachel says:

      You’ll get there! Fitness is a journey!

  2. Well, I’m a bit late to the fitness party lol, but I enjoyed reading about your
    fitness journey. It sounds like you adapted pretty well. Everyone is going
    through the same thing. This lifestyle is now normal.

    Thank you for the ideas
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