Pedigree Stackerz Review- Woof!

Disclaimer: I received Pedigree Stackerz for free from Inflluenster in exchange for my honest opinion.

My poor baby, Dart, which is short for D’Artangan has been lost in the shuffle since the boys were born. So, he was super excited when he got a present in the mail from Influenster. He was wagging his tail, jumping up and woofing like only his Lab/Beagle self can do. He could probably smell the goodness of the Pedigree Stackerz through the box. I quickly opened the box, and by this time the boys wanted in on the fun. Please, Mom can we give Dart these treats, they begged. I agreed, but I wanted to take pictures first before the craziness began. 
The boys had Dart sitting, shaking his paw and doing his tricks for the treats. Needless to say, Dart loved the Bacon and Filet Minion flavored Pedigree Stackerz. The treats were long and skinny, but they were easy to break apart which is good for smaller dogs or for limiting the amount given. 
Pedigree Stackerz come in three flavor varieties: Filet Minion and Bacon, Smoky Bacon and Cheddar, and Grilled Chicken and NY Strip. I like Dart’s food and treats to consist of real meat, and Pedigree Stackerz list real meat as the first ingredient. 
Don’t let your dog get lost in the shuffle, treat him to Pedigree Stackerz. 


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