Sandwich Bros. Save Breakfast

Sandwich Bros flatbread pocket sandwiches make breakfast and healthy eating easy!

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Mornings can be stressful at our house. One kid doesn’t want to get out of bed and the other one can’t find his shoes. It seems like a never-ending struggle to ready for school and eat a healthy breakfast. My youngest son isn’t much of a morning person, and his idea of breakfast is a bowl of pretzels or Goldfish crackers. Neither of those choices are a healthy breakfast option. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I want my boys to have healthy food in their bellies to help them focus and achieve at school.

Then I found Sandwich Bros. flatbread pocket sandwiches in my grocery/drugstore freezer, and breakfast was saved! Sandwich Bros. offer different varieties including– chicken and cheese, sausage and cheese and Angus beef and cheese. You can see their entire breakfast and snack selections on their website. They heat up in the microwave for about 50 seconds. Fast, easy, and best of all they are healthy. I was excited to share Sandwich Bros. Angus beef variety to my youngest son. He loved it so much that he nearly ate all in the box (a box contains 4 sandwiches).

Sandwich Bros save breakfast with their healthy and delicious flatbread pocket half sandwiches filled with protein.


Each Sandwich Bros. variety has between 7-11 grams of protein plus a good amount of calcium and iron. They are low in calories and only 4 Weight Watchers points. I was curious to try a Sandwich Bros. after my son’s rave review. I tried the chicken and cheese sandwich. It was delicious, and the chicken is All white meat. It was perfect for an after workout snack or small lunch. It’s a half sandwich, but it is quite filling. I like to pair my Sandwich Bros. with fruit.

If you live in NC, you can find Sandwich Bros. at Lowes Foods, Walmart, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Kroger. Don’t live in NC, that’s okay. You can find Sandwich Bros. here. Be sure to visit Sandwich Bros. offers page to receive coupons to try their healthy and tasty flatbread pocket sandwiches.

What variety of Sandwich Bros flatbread half sandwich would you buy? Let me know in the comments and you could win a coupon to purchase a free box!  I’ll randomly choose 3 answers on Tuesday, February 28th.


2 comments on “Sandwich Bros. Save Breakfast”

  1. I’ve seen those in the grocery store many times around here but have never picked any up. I might have to next time!

    1. Rachel says:

      They are really good. I bought these at Lowes Foods. They have an egg sandwich I want to try. I’ll have to see if Walmart has a different selection.

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