After School Snack Smoothie

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Chips, doughnuts and cookies are my boys’ favorite snacks, but it feels nearly impossible trying to tell them to eat healthier.  Growing boys need proteins and vitamins to be strong and healthy. It reminds me of what it might be like trying to converse with aliens from Mars about the importance of eating healthy. I’m glad that I have found MegaFood‘s  dietary supplement powder created just for kids. The Kid’s Daily Multi promotes well-being and healthy development, and the Kid’s Daily B-Centered supports energy, focus and a sense of calm.  Both supplements are packed with vitamins, herb extracts, and organic fruit blends. The best part about MegaFood’s unsweetened supplements is that they can be added to your child’s favorite beverages without them even knowing it.

after school snack smoothie filled with vitamins and nutrients that promote focus and calm. recipe included.



I love serving my boys the After School Snack Smoothie supplemented with the Daily B-Centered to help them focus on their homework while relaxing after school. It’s super easy and tastes great.


after school snack smoothie that supports focus and calm.


After School Snack Smoothie

1- Organic Smoothie Kickstart pack (available from Relay Foods).

1- Single Serve Greek yogurt ( I used Chobani blueberry flavor).

1- scoop of MegaFood Kids Daily B-Centered.

8 oz.- Juice (I used Juicy Juice Fruit Punch).

Put all the ingredients into your blender and mix. When you’re finished, pour it into a tall glass, and add a fun straw. Your kids will love it, and you will be glad they are snacking healthy.

After school snack smoothie filled with vitamins and nutrients. Recipe included.


MegaFood Kid powder supplements can be found at your local GNC, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and other vitamin/all-natural food stores. Use the MegaFood Location Finder to find a store near you.

What kind of healthy snacks do you prepare for your kids?



2 comments on “After School Snack Smoothie”

  1. Michelle Scott says:

    I know you are sent this product to review…so I am not sure if alternatives are welcome. I know how difficult it is to get fruits and vegetables into kids because I have a grandson diagnosed with Autism at 18 months who literally would eat only 4 beige foods! However, I prefer real whole food concentrate capsules and gummies which have tremendously better bioavailability and give a variety of over 25 – 30 different non-GMO, super fruits and vegetables picked at their peak of nutrition, rather than lab made isolated supplements for my family. Besides the immediate and longterm nutritional benefits, there is something called metabolic programming where our bodies (and our kids too) actually crave foods that we eat – so giving whole food concentrate actually often results in craving more of those foods! Win-win!!! You can tell if something is really a food based product because it will carry a food/nutrition label rather than a supplement label.

    1. Rachel says:

      The Mega Food powders are similar to Flintstones vitamins, but are in a powder form. I have friends whose kids that don’t like a variety of vitamins, so this is just one way for parents to sneak nutrients into their kid’s diets.

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