Share the Love; Spread some Smiles

Create Valentines Day gifts for your adults. Tell your friends how much you love them.

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The world could really use a little bit more love. I used to connect with friends and family on Facebook, and now I don’t even want to login and see the politics and hate. I don’t care about people’s politics; I care about people. It’s probably good that I am spending less time on Facebook because now I can take that time and connect face-to-face or send a card to a friend. Which reminded me that Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I need to get cards not just for the kids to exchange at school, but for me to give to friends.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell people in your life how much they mean to you, and that you love them. I have been blessed with a great number of friends, but being a busy mom limits how often I can connect with my friends. While my girl’s nights are few and far between; it doesn’t mean I don’t have time to send a card.

I found the cutest adult Valentine’s Day cards (see above picture) at They have a wonderful selection of hearts, flowers, teddy bear and puppy designs. They are reasonably priced too! I bought this heart note card set for only $1.99. It came with 10 cards. There was no excuse not to buy these cards. My crafty gears started turning, and I got excited about adding some chocolate to the card.

Create Valentines Day gifts for your adults. Tell your friends how much you love them.


I bought a bag a Dove chocolate hearts. The hearts are wrapped in pink and silver foil and each wrapper has a little saying inside. I wrote a little note inside the cards to each of my friends. I thanked them for being my friend, a character trait that I admire about them, and an invite to meet for coffee. I drew a little heart and signed my name. I want my Valentine’s Day cards to bring smiles to my friends, but most of all I want them to know that I am thankful for their friendship.

Create Valentines Day gifts for your adults. Tell your friends how much you love them.

The Dove chocolates wouldn’t fit inside the envelopes, so I taped them to the outside. I decided to hand deliver my cards to friends that live nearby because I think heartfelt in-person communication is better than vague announcements on Facebook.

Want to give Valentine’s Day cards to your friends?

Visit the Dayspring website, and find a card(s) that you like, and then go to your grocery store and pick out candy or flower to pair with your cards. Personalize a sweet message to your friends, and mail or hand deliver! Giving Valentines’s Day are just as fun as receiving them.

Do you give Valentine’s Day cards to your adult friends?

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3 comments on “Share the Love; Spread some Smiles”

  1. Mindy says:

    The world can use a little love these days! The cards are very sweet & I know your friends will love them. Plus everyone loves Dove chocolate, right?

    1. Rachel says:

      You’re right. My friends loved the cards and the chocolate. <3

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