Supporting Local Moms

You’ve probably gathered that fitness is my passion, but shopping is a close second. I don’t write about shopping as much because it’s not as fun when you got two kids whining about how bored they are. So when I do escape to shop, my favorite places are locally-owned, mom businesses. I can support our local economy plus help a mom and her business. You may wonder, How do you find a mom-owned business? In the beginning, it was a lot of word-of-mouth. I love that necklace. Thanks, my friend Jill made it. Really?Wow, she’s talented. But now, it’s a whole lot easier, thanks to the Vend Raleigh Directory. This directory is great. It has a comprehensive list of Etsy shops, direct sales, bloggers, photographers and more mom-owned businesses plus they are ALL local. This genius idea of finding mom-owned businesses belongs to my friend Cary, the owner of Vend Raleigh.

I also have a mini-edition of local businesses listed on my site in the Sweat & Shop Local section on the right of the screen. These businesses have partnered with me to offer exclusive deals for my readers. Be sure to check out their deals by clicking on the Exclusive tab on the top of the page. The Event tab also features local fitness and family-related events, and I just posted a free event hosted by I9 Sports happening this weekend.

Happy Shopping, Sweating & Sporting!


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