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Breaking Up With Perfect book review, FitTriangleMom.com

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Breaking Up With Perfect

I didn't expect Amy Carroll's new book Breaking Up With Perfect to have such an impact on me. You see, I'm not perfect, and I know that. I've known it for a long time. I wasn't the smartest kid in my class, the pretty popular girl or the fastest one [...]

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Covering Home

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Covering Home & Me Time

In a hammock by the ocean on a warm summer day with a tropical drink in one hand and good book in the other best describes my ideal book reading "happy place" escape, but then I wake up. In reality, I find myself sitting on the couch, my kids are [...]

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Cravings and Cures

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Cravings & Cures

Eating Healthy. It usually starts with good intentions. Then the cravings kick-in and the temptations arise, and we find ourselves back where we started. We throw-in the towel and give-up. We tell ourselves we tried and move on. If we are [...]

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