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my biggest challenge, overcoming the obstacles of 2020

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My Biggest Challenge

Nearly 8 years ago, I started my Fit Triangle Mom journey. My youngest son was 1-years-old, and I was intent on losing the baby weight while training for the Susan G. Komen 5k. My oldest son was 4-years-old, so free time was few and far between. [...]

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deep clean challenge

cleaning, cleaning challenge

Cleaning Challenge

I've taken on a new challenge... The cleaning challenge, and it's been my hardest challenge to date. I mean I've done the burpee challenge, the mud run challenge and the plank challenge. All of those challenges pale in comparison to the cleaning [...]

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Happy Habits for Couples

encouragement, marriage

Happy Habits

The holidays seem to bring out the best in people. We are very thankful in November by remembering and sharing how blessed we are. We are giddy with peace, love and presents in December. We snuggle on the couch with our spouse as the fireplace [...]

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