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Happy Habits for Every Couple

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21-Days to A Happy Marriage

You hear a lot about me time, mom's time out, and family time, but what about us time? Us time is when you and your spouse enjoy time together to talk without interruptions, have a quiet dinner, watch a movie, participate in a fun activity, [...]

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Happy Habits for Couples

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Happy Habits

The holidays seem to bring out the best in people. We are very thankful in November by remembering and sharing how blessed we are. We are giddy with peace, love and presents in December. We snuggle on the couch with our spouse as the fireplace [...]

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Daily Encouragement

It's been nearly two weeks into 2015, and I already feel a little sluggish. The first week back to school was tough. Waking up early, chugging coffee, packing lunches and rushing to get the kids to school on time was something I did not miss [...]

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Encourage 2015


Encourage 2015

I work well with words, so it seems only fitting that I use one action verb to sum up my blogging goals for 2015. This year, I want Fit Triangle Mom to be your resource and community of Encouragement. I understand your time is limited and there are [...]

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