They Will Run Again

I had planned to write an amazing post this evening about eating healthy and exercising while traveling, but other things weighed heavy on my heart.

The bombings in Boston. Marathon runners. Mother runners. Children cheering, volunteers handing out water, adrenaline pumping. A bombing.

It just doesn’t fit. I feel like it’s not only an attack on our country, but a personal attack on the fitness community. Running is such a personal sport. You run against your time. You push yourself further with long hours of training, eating right and lots of running. Some of us run for fitness, others a challenge or for some just a get away from the pressures of the world.

Who are the anonymous cowards behind this horrific crime? Why must they use bombs to do their bidding?

An innocent child and another person is dead plus numerous injuries. One person lost a leg. Will they ever run again?  You train so long and hard for a marathon only to face this devastation. I wish I could hug each one of the victims and tell them they are my heroes. They ran the race not knowing the outcome. I would tell them to fight and not give up hope, and yes they will run again.

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