Thinking Outside the Gym

My gym is closed this week. They are remodeling. It really needs a facelift, but what’s a mom to do when her consistent childcare and workout routine is placed on hold? So this week between errands, grocery shopping and doctor appointments, I’m going to try to different exercise options.

Today, my friend Michelle and I tried a free Stroller Strides class at Carpenter Village. Your first class of Stroller Strides is free. We met at the gazebo on Common Walk Circle. I had Liam in the jogger stroller and my yoga mat in the basket. We formed a semi circle around the gazebo and the instructor, Marisa Park had us begin with a warm-up moving our arms, stretching our legs and sharing our names, our kid’s name, age, and a mommy-brain moment. If you’re a regular FitTriangleMom blog reader than you’ll know I have many mommy brain moments to share.


Marisa brought resistance bands for us to use and handed them out before we began our brisk walk or run depending on your fitness level. My friend Michelle is pregnant, so we decided to stick to a brisk walk. Marisa also shared modifications for each exercise level.

At our first stop, we worked our legs, glutes and core with a mixture routine of kick butts, high knees, hacky sacks and kicks. During each routine we sang kid songs to entertain our children. Then off we went on another brisk walk. The second stop included more legs and glutes with an elevator squat, and clapping under the knees. We then walked down the hill down to the water and took advantage of the stairs to do some toe touch steps, moving planks and push-ups. Then it was back up the hill (which is quite a workout pushing a 30 pound, 2-year-old, and apparently the $2 I had spent pumping up the tires in my jogger were already flat). Anyway, I was feeling the burn and reaping the benefits of an incredible workout.

At the top of the hill, we stopped in the pool parking lot to work our arms with the resistance bands. We did bicep curls to the front and side plus sprints, running backwards, sideways and crisscross. Between sprints we stopped and tickled our cute kids. Laughter erupted and fun was had by all.

After another short brisk walk, we came to our final stop. We rounded up the strollers in a circle and sang a fun tune while doing lunges, the “maniac” run in place, a jump then some burpees. We did this several times than headed back to our starting place at the gazebo.

It was beautiful out this morning. The sun was shinning, the skies were blue, and it was already hitting 70 degrees by 11 am. I was tired and sweaty, but it was a great workout. We formed another half circle at the gazebo and cooled down with some ab work. I laid out my yoga mat on the wet leaves and Marisa instructed us to do some Russian twists, supermans, flutter and scissor kicks, plank, side plank and a plank and downward dog mix and then we finished with a relaxing child’s pose stretch. Om… Yes, it was a wonderful and challenging workout.

After the session, Marisa spoke with Michelle and I about joining their group. Stroller Strides offers workouts 6 days a week in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and Durham areas. Workouts vary every day and always include cardio, strength training, ab work plus songs and fun for the kids. Workouts are year round, and in the winter months they offer indoor classes at local malls. Dads are welcome to join on Saturdays, and many do! Stroller Strides also offers a free moms group/playgroup for all moms of stroller-aged children with weekly activities. Visit Stroller Stride Playgroup for more information. If you are interested in trying a free session of Stroller Strides and learning more about this “outside the gym” option visit Stroller Strides. Also be sure to “Like” them on Facebook at for a great upcoming Cyber Monday Special plus all their exciting news.


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