Time to Mix it Up!

Lately, I’ve been getting bored with my workout routine. Don’t get me wrong; I love working out. It just seems like the same old thing– Monday- Legs, Tuesday- arms, Thursday-Shoulders. Friday- Mix and then press repeat. You get the picture. Then I heard about my gym (aka Sanity), is offering bootcamp/toning classes. It was music to my ears. The best part is they offer one at 9:30 am on Monday. Woo-Hoo, I am so excited. Now I can add a little something different to the mix.

All next week, they are offering the classes for free! You can visit Fitness 19 Cary Classes for a complete list of classes offered. You don’t have to be a member to join the classes plus they have childcare ($3/hr). So, if you’re available next week and looking to switch up your workout routine, then head over to the Fitness 19 Cary. 

I have partnered with Fitness 19 Cary in offering exclusive deals to FitTriangleMom readers. If you decide to do more than the classes, then ask for the FitTriangleMom deal and get $30 off enrollment or a personal training package.


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