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 6 reasons why you should try Relay Foods- the healthy online grocery store that delivers to your door Let’s face it; grocery shopping isn’t one of my favorite things to do. We all have to eat, but sometimes I wish I could skip the drama that ensues when shopping with kids in tow– kids hanging off the cart, running down the aisles, and grabbing every sugar-laden item off the shelf. Don’t forget the melt downs at the check-out line because you won’t purchase a candy bar or soda, not to mention the unsolicited stares from other shoppers. Maybe you’re smarter than me, and you left the kids home. You might not be pushing a cart full of kids, but you’re sacrificing your alone time to grocery shop. Doesn’t sound like a night out to me.

I prefer to skip both scenarios, and shop online with Relay Foods. Unlike other online ordering grocery stores and subscription boxes, Relay Foods offers everything you can find in a healthy grocery store, meal plan service, and produce delivery. I don’t like driving to different stores to buy groceries, so why should I have multiple online grocery accounts and delivering services? Relay Foods is my one-stop online shop for healthy food choices, meal plans, produce deliveries, household/beauty, locally sourced, and budget-friendly shopping.

6 Reasons to Try Relay Foods

Convenient- shopping at Relay Foods. Choose delivery or pick-up at a local location.

  1. Convenience: Relay Foods is entirely online. Just point, click, and add a quantity to your basket. You can choose to either pick-up your order at several nearby locations or you can have your order delivered to your Doorstep. The Doorstep option is only $19/per month for unlimited deliveries or $12 for a one-time delivery. I chose the Doorstep service because one less errand in Triangle traffic is priceless to me. The lady who delivered my order offered to bring my groceries into my kitchen and help me unload. Frozen and refrigerated items were packed on ice and everything arrived fresh.
  2. Healthy: From Meats and Produce to Household and Beauty items Relay Foods offers a healthy selection. My favorite healthy option is their produce– you can purchase Local (Seasonal) Bounty shares half or full boxes. You can see what each box contains before ordering (no surprises) and you can pick a quantity that fits your family’s needs.Gluten free meal plans at Relay Foods, an online healthy grocery store.
  3.  Customization Do you have certain diet restrictions? Relay Foods makes it easy to customize your shopping based on your special diet. You can choose from Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Paleo diets. This tool is amazing because it not only lists all the items from your special diet, but meal plan options as well.
  4. Meal Plans: Planning meals is the best thing that ever happened to me in the kitchen. I used to dread wondering what to make for dinner each night as I sifted through my pantry and fridge searching for a meal. Having a plan makes all the difference, but when you’re a busy mom you need a plan B. That’s why I love Relay Food’s meal planning tool. I like to have at least one meal from the 20 Minutes & Under $20 and One Pot Meals on my weekly plan to cover soccer or busy nights. You can also choose from family-friendly, soups, salads and main entrees. Once you select a meal, you can customize it based on number of servings, and the ingredients added to your cart. Once your order is delivered you will receive an email with all the recipes for your meal plans.meal planning made easy at Relay Foods. The online healthy grocery store.
  5. Local: Relay Foods prides itself on partnering directly with local producers and supporting the local economy. You can customize your shopping experience by selecting Shop Local. You’ll find a good selection of local produce, meats, spreads, breads, honey, milk and more.
  6. Budget-Friendly When you add up all the savings of shopping at Relay Foods, you will realize how incredibly affordable online grocery shopping really is. You save on gas by not driving to the grocery store, you save time and your sanity by shopping at home, you save by meal planning and not eating out as often plus all the items are competitively priced. There’s also a dedicated sales page, and you can earn credit for sharing Relay Foods with friends.

Why would you try Relay Foods?

Relay Foods, an online healthy grocery store that puts convenience and health first. $20 off coupon

Disclosure per FTC guidelines: I received compensation for writing this post. All opinions and experiences are my own. Affiliate links are found in this post, and if you choose to purchase from Relay Foods, I will receive a small commission. By supporting my blog through affiliate links, you enable me to write relevant and informative posts that  follow my Healthy Moms, Happy Kids initiative. Thank you!

2 comments on “Why Try Relay Foods”

  1. Sounds like a great service. With me trying to be gluten, dairy and sugar free (and the boys aren’t), it’s been a struggle finding food we can all eat and enjoy. I like that they do the hard work for you and deliver to your door!
    Tanya @ Moms Small Victories recently posted…The Stars Over Sunset Boulevard by Susan Meissner ShinesMy Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      I’ve been trying to eat less gluten too. It’s supposed to help reduce inflammation. I purchased the corn tortilla chips and corn soft taco shells (which are gluten-free) and my husband and I loved them. It makes it easier to switch from foods I have eaten in the past to healthier alternatives that taste great. The meal planning feature is a favorite too.

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