A Busy Week with some Fun Too!

All I can say is It’s Friday. It’s been a long week of doctor appointments, hair cuts, grocery shopping, house cleaning and taking care of the kids. The good news is that I did manage to squeeze in three workouts at the gym and get some running in, but overall it’s been a long week. The boys and I try to make the best of our outings. So a trip into Raleigh to see the doctor means visiting a fun place to get Aiden’s hair cut.

A friend of mine suggested I take the boys to J.J’s Kids Cuts located on Falls of the Neuse. It’s quite a trek from our place in Morrisville, but since we were in Raleigh we decided to check it out. After sitting around in a boring doctor’s office, the boys were ready to play and J.J’s had a small indoor playground. They loved climbing up the tunnels and going down the slide. The highlight of the J.J’s was picking a seat. Aiden picked the police motorcycle. Although Liam wasn’t getting his hair cut, he wanted to sit in the airplane so he could watch 101 Dalmatians and suck on his lollipop.

The kids had a wonderful time, but best of all the stylist did a great job. It’s always good when the kids have fun, but getting a good haircut in the end is a deal breaker for me. Even though it’s a long drive, we’ll be back.
A Smoothie King recently opened nearby. I’ve been wanting to try it after my workouts, but it just didn’t fit into my schedule until I received a free coupon for their new ReCharge drink. Funny, how free stuff can motivate you. I enticed the kids with a “treat” and we headed over there after the gym. The boys picked out a vegan chocolate cookie as their treat, and I picked the mango strawberry ReCharge smoothie. We sat down at a small table, and we all shared our treats. The cookie was quite tasty and the boys wanted my smoothie all to themselves. It was a delicious pick-me-up after an intense arm and ab workout. 

We visited the Smoothie King in Park West Village in Morrisville. It was almost like a mini GNC store with a smoothie bar. They sold a variety of protein supplements, energy drinks and vitamins. And of course, other yummy treats like “healthy” cookies and snacks.

In between all our running around and errands this week, I would have to say my favorite part was playing outside with the kids. After dinner, when the sun is starting to go down and the other neighbor kids come out to play, and I get to sit down and talk with the other parents. The kids ride their bikes, play basketball and baseball, or start a game of hide-n-go-seek. These summertime memories will last a lifetime, and I’m glad I get to share them now.


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