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Applebee's Better for You Pub Diet offers an amazing selection of Salmon, Steak, Chicken and Shrimp. All entrees are 640 calories or less. Flavorful and Filling.

You vowed this year would be different. You resolved to eat healthier, and you found it’s easier to stick to the plan when dining at home. However, when you get a break from the kitchen your resolutions take a break too. It’s the mouth-watering pictures in the menu or your freedom from doing dishes that makes you want to splurge on calories. Whatever your reasoning, you don’t have to make excuses anymore. Applebee’s. Yes, you read that right. Applebee’s made some changes this year too, and revamped their menu. Now you can indulge in those mouth-watering entrees and skip the guilt because these dishes are only 640 calories or less!

I admit; I was a bit skeptical about trying Applebee’s healthy options. I was worried it wouldn’t be flavorful or delicious, but I was proved wrong. I sampled the following menu items, and I walked away feeling full. I didn’t even finish everything on my plate. Well, except for the salmon it was my favorite!

Applebee’s Better for You Pub Diet is flavorful and filling.


Shrimp Wonton Stir Fry from Applebees, 610 calories flavorful and filling.

The Shrimp Wonton Stir-Fry is made with blackened shrimp, green onions, dumpling sauce, red peppers, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and garlic all on a bed of white rice. This slightly spicy dish is only 610 calories! Did you know that you can modify menu items to accommodate allergies or diet restrictions at Applebee’s? Seafood allergy or vegetarian? The shrimp can be substituted for additional mushrooms. Talk with your server and they will modify your dish to fit your needs.

Grilled onion sirloin with stout gravy part of the better for you pub diet at Applebee's. Only 600 calories.

The Grilled Onion Sirloin with Stout Gravy is a 7 ounce house sirloin topped with a large grilled onion, stout gravy, crispy red potatoes, roasted red potatoes and parsley. This 600 calorie entree tastes like comfort food as it’s paired nicely with the crispy red potatoes, grilled onion and stout gravy.

Hot Shot Whiskey Chicken from Applebee's Better for You Menu packs a spicy punch with only 640 calories.

The Hot Shot Whiskey Chicken is a grilled chicken breast seasoned with peppercorn herbs and parsley. It is topped with whisky onions, mushrooms, and rosemary pan sauce. It sits on top of garlic mashed potatoes, jalapenos, and melted Cheddar cheese. If you like it Hot, then you’re going to love this spicy dish. The peppercorn herbs and jalapenos give this 640 calorie dish a real kick to your taste buds.

Savory Cedar Salmon is cooked to perfect at Applebee's and is only 540 calories.

I saved the best for last and it proudly boasts 540 calories! The Savory Cedar Salmon consists of grilled salmon with cedar seasoning and topped with a delicious creamy white wine and lemon artichoke spread. A variety of spring vegetables and steamed potatoes compliment this tasty salmon dish.

Applebee's offer healthy choices for kids and a fun fun video game console to keep kids entertained.

Applebee’s also offers healthy menu choices for kids. Their kid’s menu offers grilled tenders, steamed broccoli, vanilla yogurt with strawberries and salads. I also like the video game console to keep the kids occupied, so my husband and I can talk. Next time you plan to skip kitchen duties, head over to your neighborhood Applebee’s for healthy food for everyone in your family.

I was invited to a Bloggers event at Applebee’s to sample the Better for You menu items. All opinions are 100% my own. See Disclosure/Disclaimer for details.


4 comments on “Applebee’s…A Healthy Change”

  1. I love Applebee’s, especially our local one in NJ whenever I visit home. I will have to try their salmon and check out their kid’s menu for our boy, too! Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Rachel says:

      I visited the one in Brier Creek and it was very nice. I was pleasantly surprised of how flavorful and filling these low calorie entrees were.

  2. It’s really nice that they are trying to cut the calories. It’s so hard in restaurants.

    1. Rachel says:

      It’s a nice change. I’m glad they added some healthy kid options too.

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