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I’m behind on my writing. Lord knows I can’t do it all which is what I tried to do with this blog. I tried to morph it into a Real Estate/Fitness/Raleigh area/mom blog.  My blog was too many things instead of what it was meant to be- an encouraging read.

I’m still a full-time Realtor, but that’s my business. FitTriangleMom is my heart. I knew I needed to keep sharing my story and soul with my readers. There’s no doubt my heart steers my business, but we all need the encouragement and motivation to shine in our work, home, parenting and life.

My goal this year for Fit Triangle Mom is to share my love for fitness, faith & family with you through workout tips and personal experiences. I’d also love your feedback. Please comment on my blog posts and share your thoughts. Together we can encourage each other in our struggles and our successes.

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The Encourager

This week I earned my wings.  I always had them, but it took a special person to teach me to Fly. At 39, I took a leap of faith and started a career in Real Estate. I pushed all the doubt aside and invested in me and my business. Real Estate is not for the faint of heart. It takes passion, determination, and an awesome boss (leader) to propel you forward.

I was blessed to work with the best Broker in Charge in the industry—Carole Notch. She saw my passion and my willingness to fly. It was small steps in the beginning– talking me down from ledges and pushing me to spread my wings. Through success and disappointment, she was there cheering me on.

Last week, Carole announced her retirement. She gave me one last piece of encouragement—“You are Ready to Fly.” I will Fly High, Carole. I will practice the things you taught me—love, kindness and encouragement. I hope to someday encourage others like you encouraged me.


You never forget people like Carole. Is there someone in your life that has encouraged you?



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