Celebrating…On the Edge of 40

Birthdays can be a celebration or a sign of old age. 40 is a turning point in life.

In 5 days, I will turn 39-years-old. I’ve been dreading turning a year older, and inching closer to the big 4-0. It will be my last year being in my 30’s, and I won’t be able to say fun, flirty and thirty. I’ll start receiving “Over the Hill” cards and black balloons. Maybe I’ll even start going through a midlife crisis. It’s depressing just thinking about it, and embarrassing when people ask your age.

Yet…It doesn’t have to be like this. Yesterday, a mom in my son’s preschool asked me my age while we were sitting on the playground bench. I didn’t want to answer, but I was honest and said, “I’ll be 39 next week.” She didn’t seem to mind my age, but she did ask about my hesitancy to answer her question. “We’ll,” I stammered, “I’m going to 40 soon,” I told her. “What’s wrong with that?” she asked. I didn’t have time to respond when she continued, “We have so much to be thankful for.” Her answer got me thinking about all things I have to be thankful for- good health, happy kids, a wonderful husband…

Even though turning 39 or soon to be 40 has it’s stigma of black balloons and such; it doesn’t me that I am old. I remember when I turned 30, and I thought that was old. I look back now, and I see all the many young things that I accomplished in my thirties- gave birth to my boys naturally, ran several 5ks, and started my blog.

Why does being on the edge of 40 have to be any different? There are many more items on my “bucket list” that I hope to accomplish in my forties. I feel like I have gained a new level of maturity and experience that will enable me to complete my goals. So what’s in store for Fit Triangle Mom while I celebrate turning 39?

  1. Thankfulness- Sharing things I am thankful for on my social media. (http://instagram.com/fittrianglemom.com)
  2. Take Care- Each month I’ll write about how I took care of me- a book I’ve read, a new exercise or activity.
  3. Celebrate- I’m not going to shy away from being 39; I’m going to embrace it with dancing, laughing and fun.
  4. Calm- Focus on finding the peace in my life and stop fighting things that won’t change.


Have you had a milestone birthday? What tips can you share with me?


4 comments on “Celebrating…On the Edge of 40”

  1. Trish says:

    I didn’t see it feel any stigma at turning 40. 40 is the new thirty and when life really begins. You’re so much stronger and wiser and chock full of life experience. Embrace it and enjoy it. Growing older sure beats the alternative! 😉

    1. Rachel says:

      Thanks for this great advice. I’m going to embrace getting older. 🙂

  2. craig says:

    40 is the new 21! it’s not all bad and still very young, just do what I do and forget your age, it’s how old you feel that really counts. Belated happy 39th birthday to you too!

    1. Rachel says:

      Great advice! Thank you!

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