Crystal Lewis 25 Album Review

Disclosure: I received the Crystal Lewis 25 CD complimentary from Family Christian in exchange for my honest review.

It’s hard to imagine that Crystal Lewis started her singing career twenty-five years ago, but her newest album 25 commemorates that fact. She shares an early memory on the inside jacket of when she was in college. She remembers opening a box of records after her first solo album was released in 1987 and jumping and screaming with her roommate. Lewis has since recorded 20 albums and stills feels the anticipation each time. It’s memories like these that help us relate and understand the person behind the rich soulful voice that brought us songs like Beauty For Ashes and People Get Ready…Jesus Is Coming.

I have been listening to this 2-disc Contemporary Christian album for the past week in the car. The songs are a mix of Lewis’ signature upbeat pop music and classic hymns. In one instance, I was tapping the steering wheel and signing along, and then belting out Amazing Grace. The music is uplifting and easy listening, and most importantly the lyrics teach scripture.

I love how both me and my kids can enjoy listening to her music, and it also has been a teaching aid. We were listening to the song You Didn’t Have To Do It, and my son asked me what did that mean. “What did Jesus not have to do,” he asked. “He didn’t have to die on the cross and save us from our sins, but He loves us so much that He did,” I answered. I guess my answer was sufficient because he started singing along to song.

My favorite song is People Get Ready…Jesus is Coming is a catchy, upbeat song that will resonate in your heart and mind all day. You will catch yourself singing the song throughout the day, but it’s OK because it will lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

You can purchase the Crystal Lewis 25 CD  or MP 3 HEREThe CD is $15.99 and the MP 3 is $9.99.


18 comments on “Crystal Lewis 25 Album Review”

  1. sleehite says:

    I would purchase a sound track or a Bible if I won the gift card 🙂

    1. Family Christian has a good selection of music and Bibles. My favorite are the devotional Bibles. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sarah Coller says:

    I'd purchase books for my kids for Christmas!

    1. Great idea, Sarah. Family Christian has a large selection of children books, Bibles & DVDs.

  3. ginabad says:

    I want a good Bible for my girls, so it would go towards that!

    1. That's a great idea. I love the Young Women of Faith Bible. It has a pink cover and devotionals inside.

  4. I have a specific Bible that I've had my eye on!

    1. It's always nice to have a good Bible.

  5. Lori Krausen says:

    Veggietales – Beauty and the Beet — or some new music!

    1. Yes, the new Veggie Tale movie, Beauty and the Beet is being released this weekend.

  6. I've been looking for a really good study Bible!

    1. I love my Women's Devotional Bible. It has a concordance too.

  7. Janet says:

    I can always spend $$ at Family Christian. $25 would buy a couple of great cds, like the one you described and a couple of the $5 deals too!

    1. Great idea, Janet. I'm always shopping for deals.

  8. Kathryn says:

    I think I would get a Bible for one of my daughters.

    1. They have a nice selection of Bibles at Family Christian.

  9. I&#39;d buy some fall decor for my home and classroom.<br />Dede

    1. Thanks for your comment. Family Christian has a good variety of fall decor for your home.

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