CycleBar…A New Spin on Cycling


CycleBar offers a full body workout in a theater like room that feels like a dance party.

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Did you resolve to get healthy and exercise more this year, but maybe you are not sure where to start? Or maybe you are like me, and you want to break up the monotonous gym mornings. I found what you are looking for at the new  the Alston CycleBar located in West Cary on Hwy 55 in the shopping center with the new Whole Foods. I ventured outside my comfort gym zone and signed up for a CycleBar class.

I wasn’t uncomfortable for long when I was warmly welcome by the staff at CycleBar. The studio felt clean and crisp with its white walls and red accents. In the lobby, I checked into my class on one of the touch screens and grabbed a pair of cycling shoes. A staff member directed me around the corner to the lockers. You don’t have to bring a lock because the lockers have locks integrated in the doors. It’s easy to use the lockers, but be sure to ask a staff member to show you how it works.

CycleBar offers a full body workout in a theater like room that feels like a dance party.

I was impressed by the amenities offered– free water bottles, chilled or room temperature water, and apples and bananas for refueling after class. I found my class in a room set-up like a theater with 3 levels of bikes. The room is semi dark with lights that flash periodically throughout the workout, giving it a dance party experience. In the front of the room, two big screens hang overhead that monitor the class’ progress as well as your rank in the class. Music pounds through the speakers motivating you to keep pedaling. The music is setup like a DJ’s booth.

CycleBar offers a full body workout in a theater like room that feels like a dance party.

Classes are 50 minutes long. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t make it through the class, but the instructor kept me moving and having fun. It was a full body workout with intervals of different speeds of pedaling, resistance, standing up while pedaling, and using a weighted bar to work our arms as well. It was invigorating racing against others in the class and seeing our stats on the screen. After the class, everyone receives an email with their personal stats from the class plus the music playlist.

CycleBar Tips:

  1. Pick a bike under the fans. (I tend to get hot when I exercise). Bikes under the fans are located in the middle of the room.
  2. Bring or get a water bottle. This class will make you sweat. Stay hydrated. Towels are provided.
  3. It’s okay to modify the workout. I got a little overheated during the class, so I pedaled slower until I felt better.
  4. Bring a friend! These classes are filled with energy, and it’s just more fun to experience it with a friend.

WRAL News happened to be there when I tried the class. Here’s a clip of our workout. You can spot me near the end of the video.

I invited a couple friends to join me in this new cycling experience, and like me, they enjoyed trying a new workout that was fun and challenging. Are you ready to try something new? CycleBar is offering free classes through January 29th. Check the schedule and sign up for a class that fits your schedule.



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  1. I have always wanted to try a spin class, seems like a fun and energetic class. so informative! Thanks for sharing

    1. Rachel says:

      This spin class was definitely fun. You should try it out.

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