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Routines, schedules and to-do lists seem to control my life. It’s not a bad thing; it keeps me moving and things are accomplished. However this week, I tried to be less OCD about things I had to do, and put more emphasis on enjoying the beautiful weather and time with my kids. I still did my usual tasks– laundry, cleaning, 3 days at the gym and dinner on the table, but I found windows in my day to explore.

The first stop on my exploration was the red caboose in Apex. My youngest loves trains, and he was bugging me to see a train. So after my Bible study and before preschool pick-up, we found “the little red caboose”. We couldn’t go inside it or anything, but Liam (2) enjoyed just looking at it and having his picture taken.
It was a beautiful spring day, so we continued exploring down Salem Street. Cute boutiques and shops line this street, and Liam and I enjoyed browsing and finding treasures within the stores. All Booked Up, a used bookstore had a kids room filled with colorful chairs, stuffed animals and books. Then we wandered over to The Rusty Bucket. Liam enjoyed the complimentary popcorn and cartoons while I uncovered treasures of my own.

All Booked Up
The Rusty Bucket
Laundry and cleaning filled my to-do list for the following day, but the sun was shinning, and it was warm. We could have stayed home and tackled these projects, but the blue skies were beckoning me outside. Big brother was having lunch at school, so Liam and I had a lunch date at Ashworth Drugs Soda Fountain in downtown Cary. We sat at a booth close to kitchen and dined on hotdogs and shared a Sprite. As we were leaving, the manager gave us a free chocolate milkshake. We took it outside and Liam savored every last slurp. He was a mess, but he had fun. 
Ashworth Drugs
We still had some time before preschool pick-up, so we explored some more. We saw that Annie’s Attic, women’s consignment store is back and now open next to Ashworths. Then we quickly walked in Gather. I love seeing their local NC products and smelling the coffee, but Liam wanted to touch too much and his hands were sticky, so our visit was short.
Ashworth Village
We found a perfect photo-op spot and then went to one of my favorite stores, The Purple Polka Dot. Liam wanted to run laps around the store (the sugar must have kicked in), but I was still able to look at the beautiful home decor, boutique clothes and jewelry. Wish we could have stayed longer, I found the cutest top and Liam found a hat.
The Purple Polka Dot
Oh well, it was another fun day of exploring and you know what? The laundry and cleaning was waiting for me when I got home. I’m glad I was able to enjoy the time with my son rather than worry about things to get-done.


4 comments on “Exploring and Enjoying”

  1. Esther Thole says:

    I like the Purple Pokka Dot. Cute unique items. I like Ashworth Drugs to it is like stepping back in time. I am ready for the pollen to die down and exploring is a great thing.

    1. The pollen has been bad. It hope it clears up soon so I can explore some more.

  2. I haven't been to any of these places but we love exploring too. Sounds like a fun day. I need to visit All Booked Up! Thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessunday

    1. Tanya, You need to visit downtown Apex and All Booked Up. It's a fun place to explore.

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