Finding Your Target Heart Rate

Did you know that’s there’s a sweet spot in exercising. I’m not talking about running to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut, but it can be used to determine how many doughnuts you can eat. Your heart rate and calories burned are related to each other. It’s called reaching your target heart rate. Everyone’s target heart rate is different because it is based on your weight, age, and gender. There’s an equation you can use by plugging in your age, weight, heart rate and length of your exercise to determine the amount of calories burned, but I’ve found an easier way.

finding your target heart rate,

I received the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor for free for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review. (see disclosure/disclaimer).

The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor is a fantastic tool for anyone trying to figure out the amount of calories burned per workout. It also helps motivate me to reach my sweet spot without over doing it.  The goal is to stay in your target heart rate range, going above your target rate can put a strain on your heart.

I ordered the Beets Blu Heart monitor from It is an adjustable band that will fit comfortably on the lower part of your chest. I placed mine under the elastic band on the bottom of my sports bra. The plastic area with the Beets Blu logo snaps together in the front.

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor, Finding your Target rate heart rate,

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

Once you have the monitor snapped on, you can sync it to your phone. It’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and Androids with Bluetooth (see complete list). Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on, and connect the monitor in your settings.

Heart rate monitor, Finding your Target Heart Rate,

Easily Adjustable to fit on lower part of chest.

My favorite feature is that the Beets Blu monitor connects to the RunKeeper app (you must manually add the device in the Settings tab under Apps, Services and Devices). I use the Runkeeper app for running, walking or general strength training. No matter what type of exercise I am doing Runkeeper analyzes my heart rate and charts my calories burned. It also keeps a log, so I can see how I’ve progressed in my training. Remember to complete your RunKeeper profile with your age, weight and gender to ensure correct calorie calculations.

Sweet stuff? Am I right? The Beets Blu heart rate monitor can accurately read your heart rate within a 35-foot range. I prefer not to wear or hold my phone when lifting weights. No need to worry if your phone is out of arms reach or if you forget it on the other side of the weight room.

Do you use a heart rate monitor? How does it work for you?

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  1. This makes me want to get up and exercise. 🙂
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    1. Rachel says:

      It’s encouraging when you see the calories burned.

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