Getting Your Kids to Eat Veggies

It seems like every meal is a constant battle trying to get your kids to eat their veggies. You put it on their plate; they push it to the side. You say, Just try a bite, and they look at you like you’re an alien from space that just invaded the kitchen. You try telling them about all the healthy benefits of eating veggies- strong muscles, good vision, and a healthy heart, yet they still won’t budge. If your like me, you know this is one battle you won’t give up. You’re willing to go the extra mile to make veggies more appetizing- cheese on broccoli, cinnamon on apples, and now there’s zucchini fries at PDQ.

4 easy steps to getting your kids to eat veggies. Zucchini fries at PDQ.

My boys were a little hesitant about trying the new freshly prepared zucchini fries at PDQ.  They knew they liked the nuggets and tenders there, but zucchini wasn’t chicken. It was a veggie and it had a funny name; I could already sense their resistance. However, Meggan (the operating director at PDQ) had a plan. We would ease them into sampling the zucchini fries in 4 easy steps. Getting your kids involved in the preparation of the food makes them more willing to try it.

4-Easy Steps to Getting Your Kids to Eat Veggies

Getting your kids to eat their veggies. Zucchini fries at PDQ.

             Step 1: Take one large, fresh zucchini and cut it in half.

Getting your kids to eat their veggies. Zucchini fries at PDQ.

Step 2: Punch the zucchini into a fry shape, using the commercial grade fry punching tool.

Getting your kids to eat their veggies. Zucchini fries at PDQ.

Step 3: Lightly season the zucchini with flour, buttermilk, and PDQ’s chicken tender seasoning. Then place it in the fryer with soy bean oil.

Getting kids to eat their veggies. Zucchini fries at PDQ.

Step 4: Eat the Zucchini fries.

My boys slowly picked a fry from the stack. We had a variety of homemade dipping sauces just in case. They put the zucchini fry into their mouth and took a bite… Yum, Mom these taste great! The fear in their eyes vanished, and was replaced with joy. I wanted to do a happy dance, myself. They eagerly reached for more fries. I won, I thought to myself. I got my kids to eat their veggies!

You can win the battle too, and bring your kids to PDQ.  Add Zucchini fries to your combo meal for $1.49 or purchase as an side item for $3.49.


I received a complimentary sample of the zucchini fries. All experiences and opinions are my own. See Disclaimer/Disclosure for details.

4 comments on “Getting Your Kids to Eat Veggies”

  1. Jenn says:

    I love PDQ! They’re so accommodating with my food allergies, and always go above and beyond to assure there is no cross-contamination. Sometimes, I give them a pretty specific order and they always get it right. And best of all, it’s delicious!

    1. Rachel says:

      That’s awesome! I love their attention to detail.

  2. Liz says:

    Oooh zucchini fries! That sounds yummy! And I recently discovered a PDQ near me, so that works well 🙂

    1. Rachel says:

      Yes, I’ve been back twice for the zucchini fries. I’m so glad you found a PDQ nearby. 🙂

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