Goals, Set them High!

Goals. We all need to make goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, eat healthy or blog more; it’s important. I’ve been encouraged by a fellow blogger and friend, Tanya to write out my goals for August. It could be personal goals or professional goals. My list will be a little of both. I really like this idea of being goal-oriented because as a stay-at-home mom I find myself running around in a chaos. I need structure; I need goals. The following is my list of goals for the month of August. I hope my blogging goals will keep you coming back to read the informative and interesting posts I have planned, and I hope my personal goals will encourage you in your fitness and family journey.

Blogging Goals
  1. Write a review of the book, The Bridge Tender by Marybeth Whalen, and offer a giveaway of a signed copy of the book.
  2. Introduce you to Legend Race owner, Fred Augustine and the upcoming mud run Panda-Monium.
  3. Product reviews. I’m trying Summit’s Raspberry Ketone supplements. They’re supposed to be a natural fat burner. We’ll see. 
  4. Write a post about how mothers keep their sanity and maintain their femininity in a house full of boys. If you have any suggestions for this post, send me an email at rawithers@fittrianglemom.com

Personal Goals

  1. Start training for a mud run. 
  2. Each more fruits & veggies.
  3. Cut out sweets.
  4. Start planning at least 3 meals a week.
  5. Go to church more regularly.
Now that I’ve written that all done, I actually feel better. It’s not just a bunch of to-do’s scrambled in my head. I have direction. I have a plan. I have goals. You might have similar goals as me, or maybe your goals are completely different. I would love to hear about your goals. Comment below, so we can encourage each other on our journey.

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