Kindergarten Survival Tips for Moms

Today, I’m looking back on the day it all began–his first day of kindergarten.

My son recently started kindergarten in one of the local year round elementary schools. It’s been somewhat of a transition for him attending a new school and staying there longer than preschool, but I think it’s been a little harder on me. I really thought I was prepared for this step, especially since he has been attending preschool since he was 3-years-old. Yet when the first day rolled around, I discovered I was less prepared than expected. I found myself daydreaming about the night Aiden was born. I remember holding his little 5 pound body, and wondering if I was doing it right. Aiden came six weeks early, but he was healthy and I made sure of that since that time.
Now, I need to trust that he will be safe at school for 6 hours each day. I know in my heart that he’s going to a wonderful school with talented teachers and administrators. I’m his mom, and I still worry, a little. So, I gathered a few Kindergarten Survival Tips for Moms to help us all cope with the changes.

kindergarten survival tips for moms,

1. It’s OK to cry just make sure you do it when your child is not around. I’ve noticed when I’m brave in new situations my children tend do the same. Tuck some tissues in your purse and pull them out after school drop-off.

2. Walk your child to his classroom. Walking Aiden to his classroom on his first day of school allowed me to see his classroom and say hello to his teacher. Not only did it give me peace of mind, but it gave my son more confidence.

3. Get Involved! Our school has a wonderful PTA, and they are always looking for volunteers. I volunteered to work with the school’s newsletter. Some teachers recruit parents to help in the classroom. Inquire with your child’s teacher and the your school’s PTA about volunteering. It’s also a great way to meet new people plus make a positive impact in your child’s education.

4. Plan a fun weekend Activity.  I love taking the kids to parks, museums and kid-friendly places when the kids are out of school. Our fun time will be reduced while they are in school, but I started planning a family activity on the weekend. It has lifted my spirits and has become an incentive for my son to try his best during the school week. Ideas include: picnic at their favorite park, visit a kid’s museum, go bowling, or make a family craft.

Moms, we will survive, and our kids will thrive!

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  1. shelah moss says:

    I think it is often harder for the mom than the kids when they go off to school.

    1. Shelah, you&#39;re very right. Thanks for visiting my blog.<br />

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