Looking for Windows

I opened the windows today. There is a light breeze coming in the house and the sound of birds chirping. It’s finally spring, and I’m enjoying the warmer weather and watching the flowers bloom. My week has been stressful, so I’m savoring this open window time.

Last Saturday, we were visiting family for Easter, and my youngest son, Liam woke up at 3 am coughing. It was the dreaded barking croup cough. He was weezing and struggling to breathe. We have dealt with croup before, so we knew a trip to the ER was in order. We were 3 hours from home. We drove to the regional hospital in the area. The wait times were long and my nerves were shot. My son finally got the medicine he needed plus a chest x-ray, and friendly visits by the nurses. Unfortunately, the doctors were few and far between and seriously understaffed. Finally, 4 hours later and with an inhaler and spacer in hand we were released from the hospital.

We went back to my husband’s Aunt’s house. Besides a yucky cough, you would have never known Liam had been in the hospital earlier. He was back to running and playing with his brother. The Easter egg hunts we had planned on taking the boys were rained out. It literally rained the entire day. Two boys stuck inside and two overly tired parents don’t make a good combination. We napped when we could and had pizza and chicken nuggets for dinner.

I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I went to bed praying for sunshine and health. The next morning, I woke up. I squinted my eyes and looked to the window. The sun was big and bright and shinning in my window. I looked through the window and saw plentiful green grass and the cutest gazebo with a swing in the middle. It was so picturesque, it could have been a postcard of a lovely park, yet it was a backyard carefully designed by a talented landscaper.

I thanked God for this beautiful window view and my son sleeping peacefully through the night. I felt like God was telling me to start looking for these “windows” throughout my day. Not all my days are sunshine and flowers, but these “windows” will sustain me through the thunderstorms.

While my youngest recovers from his cough and croup, we’ve been trying to do less which means not going to the gym this week. It’s been hard, the gym is where I find peace and unstress, but I found some at-home windows to get my workouts in.

I set-up my own circuit in my driveway while my son got some fresh air. I did four sprints around the cul-de-sac, jumped rope, squats, lateral raises, and leg extensions. It felt great exercising outside and Liam wasn’t exposed to any extra germs.

So when the dark clouds roll in and it begins to rain, I hope you will look for the windows. They might not open right away, but just wait they will.


4 comments on “Looking for Windows”

  1. Any trip to the ER is bound to be a long one. So glad your son is okay now. I love what you wrote at the end. Look for the windows. That's beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Simply D Constructed. Liam is feeling a lot better.

  2. Alecia says:

    Glad your son is on the road to recovery. My son gets the same way though we have avoided the ER so far..knock on wood. It is nice to see the positive even in a trying situation. Great job on setting up your own circuit to get that exercise in. Thank you for linking up to Small Victories Sunday this week! I have pinned your link to the Small Victories Sunday board. #smallvictoriessunday

  3. Alecia,<br />Thanks for stopping by and pinning my post. The doctor set us up with medicine now, so we can be prepared if the croup returns. I would like to avoid the ER next time. 🙂

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