My Secret Stress Reliever

My secret stress reliever is O2 Fitness gym. They have childcare, weights, pool, sauna and fitness classes.

I am an O2 Fitness Ambassador. I received a complimentary membership for review and promotion purposes. All opinions are my own. See disclosure/disclaimer for details.

December has got to be the most stressful month of the year. From parties and gifts to budgets and deadlines, there is a lot to squeeze into 31 days. Thanks to year round schools (which for the most part is good), my boys have the entire month of December off. So imagine all the stressors I mentioned above and add 2 active boys to the mix. Before you start blessing my heart, I want to share a little secret with you. I have found a way to cope with the stress, and actually enjoy December.

My secret stress reliever is o2 fitness gym.

My secret stress reliever is O2 Fitness. It’s a gym with more. They are a locally-owned and operated gym, and they have 12 locations in the Triangle. So no matter where work and kids take me; there’s most likely an O2 around the corner. As soon as I walk into the lobby, the stress slowly begins to roll off of me as I quickly check the boys into the kids room. I’m warmly welcomed by a staff member at the front desk, and they ask what size towel I need. It might seem small, but holding that white freshly laundered towel in my hand relaxes me even more.

My secret stress reliever is o2 fitness gym.

I quickly stash my stuff in a locker, and head to the floor. The floor is where all the cardio equipment is– ellipticals, treadmills, stair climbers and more. The floor also contains TRX, free weights, circuit machines and a punching bag. It’s an oasis of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and I usually find myself on the floor most of the time. The floor is only a fraction of what 02 Fitness offers. There’s a salt water pool, sauna, fitness classes, and spin room.

My secret stress reliever is o2 fitness gym.

I’ve been mixing up my workouts this month. I run, I climb and I lift. I sweat, and I feel happy. The stress melts away (like the fat), and I feel strong. I’m ready to take on the challenges of the rest of the day.

I take my time stretching, showering and getting ready in the locker room. I savor the quiet and the my freshly laundered towel. Until my next workout…

My secret stress reliever is o2 fitness gym.

Since the Secret is Out, you can sign up for a free trial to any area O2 Fitness Club. Click Free Trial to start stressing-less today.


This blog post was made possible by a paid sponsorship from Wells Family Dentistry and RachelNCRealtor.


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