Party at PDQ

PDQ 's 5th birthday party celebration with the Honey Butter Sandwich.

I received a free Honey Butter sandwich for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Five years ago, two guys named Bob and Nick set out to start something new. Bob, a former Outback Steakhouse executive was ready to rock the restaurant industry while Nick wanted a fast-food restaurant where the food was fresh and he felt good about feeding it to his kids. Their vision became reality when they stumbled upon Tenders, a local food joint in Cornelius, North Carolina that served fresh made from scratch chicken tenders. They bought the restaurant and brought the concept to their hometown in Tampa. Eventually, Tenders turned into PDQ, an acronym for People Dedicated to Quality. People not only loved the quality service, but the concept of a fast food restaurant offering fresh, never frozen food. They do not have a freezer or microwave at any their restaurants.

Bob and Nick are rocking the restaurant industry again and celebrating 5 years of being in business. They are throwing a party at all of their 55 locations. From New Jersey to Alabama, and even on the Las Vegas Strip you will find a PDQ restaurant. The first gift PDQ is unwrapping is a new menu item (created by Bob & Nick)–Honey Butter Sandwich, 100% natural, never frozen crispy chicken breast, dipped in homemade honey butter, layered with All Natural Grillo’s bread and butter pickles and served on a toasted brioche bun. I had a chance to taste the honey butter sandwich, and I liked how the chicken breast was seasoned with pepper and honey. It is served in a paper/aluminum bag to keep the honey locked into the chicken (each sandwich is made to order). My boys found it a bit peppery for their tastes, but they love PDQ’s honey marinated chicken nuggets.

PDQ Honey Butter Sandwich new menu item to celebrate 5 years. Party on Oct 29-30.

In addition to the Honey Butter Sandwich, customers can get in on the party fun. Every restaurant will be decorated for a birthday party with balloons, streamers, and party hats.  You will also have a chance to win coupons and gift cards throughout  the day. It’s more than a day party, it is a weekend celebration (October 29-30, 2016)!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog than you have probably noticed that this is not first my post about PDQ, actually it is my 8th post! You’re probably wondering why I write so many posts about PDQ. For starters, I love their food and my kids do too. My family eats at PDQ at least three times a month. PDQ has given me gift cards to write a few posts, but most of my posts are for gratis. I am just really impressed by PDQ’s fresh never frozen philosophy, and their desire to give back to the community. From creating awareness for a mental illness to collecting winter coats for kids in my community, PDQ is apart of it. Just like their 5th Birthday, it’s about giving back to their customers who made PDQ thrive!


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