Reaching Your Goals and Remembering Why

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It’s January 31st, the last day of the first month of the year. Rewind to January 1st. Do you remember eagerly talking about New Year resolutions and goals? I know it might be a little hazy, but think back to the goals. You promised to take better care of you– exercising regularly and eating healthy. Before you start feeling discouraged, I want you to think about the why behind these goals. Remember you wanted to run around with your kids and not feel exhausted; you wanted to lower your blood pressure; you wanted to reduce your stress; you wanted to fit into those skinny jeans, and you just wanted to feel good about yourself!

reaching your fitness goals and remembering why

Yes, it’s all starting to come back to you now. The goals you set for yourself and the why that motivates you. How did it go? Did you crush your goals, or did you succumb to the chocolate cake and give up? Wherever you are in your fitness journey just remember that today is a new day to reach your goals. Whether it’s the first day of the month or the last, don’t give up on your goals.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been sticking pretty close to my healthy eating goals plus going to the gym 3x a week. This month has been a little crazy with snow days and schedule conflicts, but I didn’t let that get in the way of exercising. Home workouts and trail runs kept me on track. I also enjoy the convenience of 8 Triangle area O2 Fitness locations, so wherever real estate and the boys take me; I have a gym nearby.

reaching your fitness goals and remembering your why

Today, I had the chance to discuss my fitness goals with a trainer at O2 Fitness. It gave my gym experience a new meaning– support. I usually keep most of goals in my head, but it feels good when you sit down and talk about your goals with a professional. Before we discussed goals, I was evaluated on my strength level, trouble areas, BMI, and weight. Once we put all the pieces of my fitness journey together, my trainer was able to recommend an exercise program that would help me achieve my goals.

reaching your goals and remembering why

Knowing that your goals are attainable is motivation in itself. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey that takes awhile. Six packs don’t develop overnight and PR’s aren’t broken without training, but if you continually make a commitment to healthy choices and exercise, you will achieve your goals.

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3 comments on “Reaching Your Goals and Remembering Why”

  1. Billy Blanks says:

    Hi, Rachel! It’s good to hear that you’re still on your fitness goals, you are indeed an inspiration to other moms out there. In my case, I am still struggling with my plans but I am working on it. This is a great article, cheers!

    1. Rachel says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. I encourage you to try the Beachbody Free trial membership. No credit card needed. Visit this link- You try different programs and find a fit for you.

  2. Hello, Rachel! You’re a great inspiration! As the year ends, I will be making a list of my resolutions once again for the next year. Just like this article, I will be listing my goals and constantly remind myself on why I wanted it so I will get inspired to reach for it. I hope that this article reaches many more readers so they can be inspired to strive further. Xoxo.

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