Sharing our Passion with our Kids

Sometimes I think about how I share my passion for fitness and sport-related activities with my children. I’ve been blessed with two active boys who love to run, jump, climb and play. “Ball” was a first word for both boys, and you can always entertain them with any type of ball. They will figure out a way to throw or kick it. Even though my boys are interested in sports, I just don’t want to overwhelm them with my passions- running and weight training. I want them to find their niche and pursue it with a passion.

This Friday, my husband Seth and I are taking the boys to see the Korean Tigers perform at Master Chang’s Tiger Den in Raleigh. Seth and I trained in Taekwondo with Master Chang when we were newlyweds. It was an exciting sport. We learned how to break boards, spar and kick like a bad a**. It was a great workout too. Seth excelled in our training and got his black-belt. I didn’t do too bad, I got my red belt. We hadn’t seen Master Chang in several years until I bumped into him at the gym. He keeps us up-to-date on all the happenings at his school, and when he told me about the Korean Tigers coming I knew this would be perfect for the kids. I just hope they will be excited as me. I enjoy so much watching their eyes light up and their faces shine with amazement as they see something new. If it isn’t their thing, I’ll try not to act disappointed because I want them to choose their passions.

We signed Aiden up for soccer at Lil’ Kickers when he was 3-years-old. I was so pumped for him to try soccer. I loved playing soccer in elementary school and junior high. So, I figured he’d like it too. We took him to his first class, he complained and didn’t want to participate in the activities. It was pretty much the same way all through the session. I was disappointed. I wanted to share this passion with him. We didn’t sign him up for a whole year after that. Then one day, he told me he wanted to play soccer. I was so excited, but I didn’t get ahead of myself this time. I signed him up, and he loved it. He ended up playing in all the sessions that year, and then joined the town team in the spring. So sometimes at this young age, they might not like something the first time around, but with a little growth; they might change their mind.

My advice is introduce sports. Try new things, and then maybe try it again. If it doesn’t work the second time, just try something different. They’ll eventually find something they like. Maybe your kids aren’t into sports, but you want to teach them the importance of exercise. Try taking family walks, yoga, riding bikes or paddle boating. Let your kid pick the activity; it will be more fun. Just enjoy the exercise and cheer them on!


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