Staying in Shape On The Road

Routines maybe nonexistent on vacation, but exercise doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips from fellow Fit Mom, Nicole Galiger to make staying in shape fun and enjoyable the next you hit the road.

7 Tips to Staying in Shape On The Road

7 tips for staying in shape on the road. Make exerise fun when you are on Vacation.

Our van packed on the miles this summer!  We made it to NYC, Boston and the mountains of North Carolina.  After too many donuts and not enough fresh air in the car, we had to blow off some steam when we arrived at the hotels.  Keeping your fitness routine on track is not as hard as it seems and can really be a fun family event. Here are seven ideas to help you keep fit while traveling with family.


1. One underutilized resource – the STAIRS!

Take out your timer and see how quickly you can race up and down a flight, or two or more!

You can also run up one stair, back down, up two, back down, up three, back down until you cry Uncle.  Another fun activity is to hop up and down one stair for 15-30 seconds, take a break, and repeat.


2. Create a circuit with the kids – outside! Play your favorite music and run each station 30 – 60 seconds.  Repeat as needed till they are tired! Activities to include: dash to the trees, high knees, back and forth line running (Suicides), vertical leaps, jumping jacks, sit ups.


3. Use your body as your equipment and complete a strength set including:

Push ups, lunges , tuck jumps, bear crawls, mountain climbers, burpees, wall sits

depending on your fitness level start at 10 per exercise and repeat the round 5 times.


4. Beachbody on Demand or exercise videos – A great solution is to have access to exercise DVDs or on your iPad stream exercise content. Beachbody has created some of the most effective at home workout programs making it easier to stay fit on the go. Beachbody on Demand is free for first 30 days then just $2.99 a week.  Set up your free account Here!


5. Bring portable equipment exercise bands, resistance bands or a jump rope.  There are many upper and lower body exercises you can do with this equipment. Alternate jump rope in between for your cardio workout.


6. The hotel gym and pool! Kids love to play in new places.  Exploring the gym together will give them a chance to see how to weight train. Safety first!  Make sure you are teaching them correctly and watching


7.  Stay Active – walking counts!  If you don’t have time for strength training, just keep walking!  Wake up a little early, enjoy your coffee and begin the day with a rejuvenating walk.


One question you might have is HOW much should I exercise.  It depends – if you are trying to maintain then 30 minutes of strength will be enough to keep your progress. Keep in mind your nutrition is also going to affect your waistline, as much if not more than exercise!  Pay attention to what you eat!  Decrease your calories if your vacation is more sedentary.

Lastly, enjoy your time!  Fitting in fitness should be fun! 

Meet our Guest Blogger:

Nicole knows a thing or two about multitasking. She is a mom to three boys aged 16, 13 and 11. When she’s not chauffeuring her boys to school and sport activities, Nicole is busy encouraging people in their health as Beachbody Coach and helping people find their happily ever after as a Real Estate broker.


4 comments on “Staying in Shape On The Road”

  1. Liz says:

    Good tips! I’m also a fan of asking the concierge at the hotel for recommended running routes. Sometimes I get looks like I’m crazy, but sometimes they can give you good tips on running past neat landmarks all in a quick run before breakfast 😀

    1. Rachel says:

      That’s a great idea; thanks for sharing it. Concierges are so helpful.

  2. Great tips Nicole. I got out of my walking routine when we went to Spain this summer and I quickly gained 5 pounds from all the indulging I was doing in food and not exercising the little bit I do. I wish I had done more exercise now in hindsight, it’s always harder to lose weight than gain it!

    Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup and I hope you linked up with our Pintastic Pinterest Party too. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!
    Tanya @ Mom’s Small Victories recently posted…Small Victories Sunday Linkup {116}My Profile

    1. Rachel says:

      Nicole’s tips are very helpful. I am going to refer to them next time I hit the road.

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