Sweating to the Super Bowl

Carolina Panther inspired Sweaty Super Bowl workout challenge. 3x a week. Run and strength train. Get your booty in gear.

The Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl this year, and to get ready for the big game I’ve created a Panthers inspired workout challenge. This workout will prepare you for all the jumping, high-fiving and dancing in the end zone living room. So grab your water bottle and towel, and let’s start pounding. I usually do my workouts at the gym, but you can easily modify these exercises for home.

Challenge: Do this workout at least 3x times this week!

(Disclaimer: Visit a doctor before starting a new workout routine. I am not a personal trainer.)


Roman Run: Start your workout with a run. This will warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate. I usually run 2 miles before strength training. If running’s not your thing try walking, biking or even the elliptical machine.

After your run or cardio exercise, be sure to stretch to ensure proper recovery and muscle building. It also reduces possible injury or strained muscles.

strength training for the Carolina Panthers inspired Sweaty Super Bowl workout . Targets your arms, legs and abs.

Strength Training

15 reps (for each regular season win), 2 sets each.

For best results keep your core tight.

Cam Crunch: Lay with your back on the floor and your feet in the air. Hold the football in your outstretched hands and lift your back and shoulders off the ground. Try to reach the football to your toes. Keep your tummy tight.

Luke Lunge:  I like doing weighted lunges using 15 lb dumbbells (you can do without weights too). Hold weights in your hands by your side. Walk forward and stretch your left leg forward and bend at the knee, bend your right knee till it almost touches the ground. Stand up using your right leg. Switch legs.

Stewart Squat: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hold football or weight in your hands and sit back like sitting in a chair and then straighten back up.

Philly Plank: Lay with your tummy facing the ground. Prop yourself up on your forearms and on your toes. Make sure your body looks like a horizontal line. Keep your core tight and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Try 3 sets.

Funchess Fly’s: Use lighter dumbbells for this exercise. Stand shoulder width apart. Hold weights at your chest, elbows bent. Open arms like you are flying.

Cortland Curls: Stand shoulder width apart. Grab a pair of dumbbells for each hand. Hold arms at your side. Take turns curling each weight towards your shoulder. I like to challenge myself with heavier weights on this exercise. Make sure you choose a weight you’re comfortable with.

Davis Deadlifts: You will need a barbell for this exercise or you can use a football. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend down in a squat and grip the barbell with your hands (keeping arms straight) pull barbell straight up to your waist. Keep your core tight and chest out. Tip: Lift with your legs and core.

Remember to stretch after your workout. What exercise would you add to the list?

Enter the challenge by tagging yourself on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag #PanthersWorkoutChallenge .


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