The Best of NC…the NC State Fair

It’s fair season in North Carolina, and the NC State Fair runs till Sunday. It’s a huge production of concerts, livestock, exhibits, rides, games and food. North Carolina’s Homecoming is the theme this year. If you’re not a native of NC, then you’ll learn what this state is all about by visiting the fair.

My family went to the fair on Monday morning around 11. We started our journey with food. I had a Philly cheese steak sandwich, the boys each had corn dogs and my husband had a steak sandwich for lunch. Most of the vendors offered covered seating areas, so we found a shady spot and ate and planned our next stop–the gardens.


Even though we got the NC State Fair app for our phone complete with a map, we looped around the Midway section filled with rides and games. It was fun just looking at all the attractions and at least we walked off lunch by the time we reached the gardens.

The gardens are peaceful and serene; you wouldn’t believe it is apart of the fair. Landscape, outdoor art and even scarecrow entries are on display. The boys even found a Thomas the Train garden. While we explored the different plants and trails, we feasted on homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

The trails led us to a miniature version of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a great photo op. Beyond the lighthouse is a bridge that took us to a giant Smokey the Bear. Smokey talked to the boys, answered questions and told us about fire safety.

We crossed back to the other side and visited the Children’s Barnyard and livestock building. The boys loved seeing the pigs, sheep, horses, cows, baby chicks and goats. There were lots of hand washing stations to help prevent the spread of germs. After seeing the animals, we decided it was time for more food.

 A caramel apple with nuts for me, grilled corn for the hubs and cotton candy for the boys. With goodies in hand, we ventured over to Kiddie Land, a tot size midway. Aiden played the fishing game, threw a dart at a balloon and ring toss. So six dollars later, we now own fuzzy dice and a stuffed $100 bill. Oh well, Aiden was so proud.

It was about 5 o’clock when we walked back to our car. It had been a fun day with lots of walking, eating, and exploring all the best of what NC offers. According to Aiden, “it is the best fair in the world,” and I would have to agree.


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