The Butterfly Box

Change is inevitable in life. People are saying all the time that they don’t like change because it’s difficult and painful. All change isn’t bad. It can be beautiful and hopeful like a butterfly. What if all we need to do is change our mindset, and become more accepting to change? Think about all the good we can accomplish when we let a little change in our lives.

The Butterfly Box is the perfect example of good change. Once a month, you’ll feel like a boring and dull caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly when you open your Butterfly Box. Your eyes will sparkle and your heart will flutter in excitement as you find all the encouraging goodies inside.

I was given the opportunity to experience the transforming experience of The Butterfly Box in exchange for this post. I was genuinely excited to open this box of encouragement and discover the gifts inside– a prayer bracelet, a journal, the Power of a Praying Woman book, and instant tea drops.

My days were thoughtfully planned with a timeline created to help me take some me time–relax, pray, journal and sip some tea. The prayer bracelet has a little butterfly on it, and it reminds me that change can be good. Each Butterfly Box is different. I received a box with a prayer theme, and each month you’ll receive a themed box filled with 4 to 6 items for encouragement and spiritual growth.

Each product is faith based or supports a small Christian business. Boxes are filled with a variety of items including: jewelry, artwork, books, decor, personal pampering items, faith sharing cards and other specialty items. Monthly subscriptions start at $34.99 with different plan options. The Butterfly Box makes a great gift or personal pick-me up.

Interested in ordering the Butterfly Box? Use the code- WELCOME10 for 10% Off or enter to win a Free 6-Months of Butterfly Boxes-

What themed box would you like to receive?


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