The Beauty Movie that is a Tales

Beauty and the Beet

I received Beauty and the Beet DVD from Family Christian in exchange for my honest review.

If you’re like me, then you are still seeking one last gift to put under the tree. Between the video games and Lego boxes, I wanted to get my boys something with meaning, something that expressed the true meaning of Christmas.

beauty and the beet

The boys were a little reluctant to watch a movie that seemed girly, but they were delightfully surprised by this story of second chances and God’s unconditional love. Grumpy Mr. Beet owns a run-down hotel with no hope for survival until the Veggie Tones, a new pop sensation, gets stranded and must earn their keep at the hotel to pay for their stay. The group stays and cooks, cleans and entertains guests all the while loathing the mean Mr. Beet. Lead singer, Mirabelle looks beyond Mr. Beet’s rough exterior and is kind to him even when the others wonder why. She explains to them that is what Jesus would do. The movie is filled with catchy tunes, a heroic adventure, and an important lesson. The movie even had me thinking about how easily we “give-up” on people that are grumpy or rude. If we had just a little more patience like Mirabelle then maybe more people would see Christ’s love through us.

Beauty and the Beet has quickly become a family favorite. Do you have a favorite Veggie Tale movie?



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