The Secret to Giving the Best Presents

You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot. The holidays can be overwhelming with gifts, presents and wish lists, but the secret to giving presents that people will love is knowing your receiver. Many people assume that if you like a gift than of course the gift recipient will like it too. This assumption is only partially true because yes, you are family, friends, etc, but this can’t be your reasoning for basing your gift buying on your preferences.

I am going to share with you two secrets that I use and every year that allows me to hear – “Rachel, gives the best gifts”. It makes me to happy to give such wonderful gifts, but I also learn more about the recipient in the process.

1. Know the Recipient: Everyone has something that they like to do– a hobby or a passion. It’s what makes them tick. Be observant when you’re around this person. What do they talk about? A new book that they are reading, a trail they ran, or trying a new recipe. You might need to probe a little bit about specifics, but that’s easy. Just engage in the conversation. For example, “Do you prefer to read romances?” or “How often do you run?”. It’s little questions like this that help you learn more about your family member or friend plus points you in the right direction for gift giving.

2. Make it Unique: Once you pinpoint the category that best describes their passion (books, running, cooking, etc.) then you can start deciding on a gift. I like to think outside the proverbial box when it comes to gifts. I make sure it’s a gift that they won’t receive twice. Below is my example for a gift idea for a runner. If you don’t have a runner on your list than consider looking at My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide which has an emphasis on local NC stores and services. Sometimes a person’s passion might not be a hobby or activity, but a place like home. A gift that reminds them of home might be the best gift for that person.

Unique Gifts for Runners

The secret to giving the best gifts. Gifts for the runner on your list.

When you think of runners, you might think shoes and athletic apparel might be appropriate gifts, but as a runner I rather buy these items myself. Finding the right fit is key with these items, so unless your gift is not a surprise than stick with basic essentials.

The following items are from Swanson Health Products. I love how I can find many healthy and unique items in one place without leaving home.

  1. Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: This all-in-one add-in can be used to make a healthy drink after workouts plus the numerous other healthy snacks.
  2. Tiger Balm ointment: Aches and pains are apart of the running life, but you don’t have to let it get the best of you. I recently started using Tiger Balm on my lower back and thigh splints. It’s effective and smells good. No wonder it’s been used for nearly 100 years.
  3. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme: Happy feet are essential to a runner, and that’s why I choose this foot creme. It makes your feet feel soft and the subtle scent of peppermint invigorates your soles.
  4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer: Available in multiple colors, this lip shimmer will put a sparkle on your lips plus protect your lips from the harsh elements of winter especially when running outside.

I paired these gifts with a plush reindeer (reindeer’s like to run) toy and picked out a festive gift bag to complete my unique runner’s gift set.


Not all runners are created equal and they may not be into lotions and lip shimmers. So what do you do then? You give them a challenge. Running the same trail or the treadmill at the gym can get old. The FitBug device and app allows runners to take their stride to the next step by tracking  your steps, aerobic activity (running) and sleep. You can also pair it to a Kiqplan app. For the past 6-weeks, I’ve been following Kiqplan’s 10kRunReady App.  I’m excited to use my new Fitbug to ramp up my challenge and better track my goals.

FitBug orb, tracking device to help you reach your fitness goals

The Fitbug is priced affordable at $49. Other tracking devices cost at least $100. Did I mention my third point in gift giving? It’s saving money. Like I said, giving the best gifts doesn’t mean spending a lot.

I received compensation for this post. Please see my disclosure/disclaimer for details.

2 comments on “The Secret to Giving the Best Presents”

  1. Danita Carr says:

    I aboslutely love giving gifts!…especially meaningful ones! Thanks for the tips! #SmallVictories

    1. Rachel says:

      I really work hard to find the best gifts for everyone on my list. I love seeing their smile when they open their gift.

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