Trying Something New…Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese

Every once in a while I like to shake things up a bit and try something new. Whether it be a healthy food option or new workout; it’s what motivates me on this whole fitness lifestyle.

This month I tried a new food product–cheese. You are probably wondering where this is going, but hang in here, it gets good (really). I was chosen by Influenster to try and review a new product– Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese. I received a free voucher to purchase an Ultra Thin Sargento variety of my choice. I found the Colby-Jack Ultra Thin Sargento at Target. I was really excited for this review because I love cheese. My favorite snack is cheese slices, a glass of wine and sliced apples, so this review was right up my alley plus each slice of cheese is only 40 calories. Cheese is also a good source of calcium and protein, perfect for those who lift or run.

The fun part of the review process was trying out new recipes, I’m using this term loosely because I’m not much of a cook. I added the cheese to my kids sandwiches, my chicken salad sandwich, my quick go-to cheese and turkey wrap plus I expanded my horizon and put it on chicken smothered in broccoli. I even rolled it up and ate in plain as a wonderful low-calorie, mid-day snack.

My Influenster box came packed with coupons and a cute thermal tote which gave me the idea to pair the cheese with a bottle of wine perfect for toting to a concert at the park.

I have since bought another package of Ultra Thin Sargento cheese in the cheddar flavor. It has 45 calories, and pairs nicely with all my favorite foods. Once you go thin, you’ll never go thick again.


2 comments on “Trying Something New…Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese”

  1. love sargento, but have not tried their ultra thin cheese yet! mmm cheese…

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. The ultra thin Sargento is great.

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